Environmental Protection Committee will repair the strict standards of ceramic enterprises

2018-05-04 16:29

Recently, the Foshan Municipal Environmental Protection Committee revealed that this year will repair the strict standards of ceramic enterprises, which for the production of ceramic sanitary enterprises can be described as more pressure, but also shows that the development of the industry for the Tao Wei, the road of environmental protection Will never stop.

Environmental protection and then cited concern Tao Wei enterprises from the production of environmental protection

According to sources, in October 1, Foshan ceramic industry emissions of nitrogen oxides emissions limit of 100mg / m3, which for the ceramic enterprises will be a new round of pressure. Standing in the bathroom industry to see the emission standards of the strict, you can spy on the ceramic industry for the environmental production, sanitary enterprises once again attracted attention from the production line to do environmental issues. In fact, there are still sanitary enterprises are not rectification, for which the General Office of the State Council issued the "control of pollutants discharge licensing system implementation plan" clearly requires ceramic sanitary ware The business will not be able to produce in the next year if there is no discharge permit.

Drainage certificate and the emergence of corporate emission standards will help Tao Wei enterprises to improve the quality of production surrounding environment, and promote the sustainable development of Tao Wei enterprises themselves. This also shows the development trend of the industry, that is, pay attention to environmental protection, health development is the real progress of Tao Wei industry.

Open environmental rectification model Tao Wei industry to "hold on"

With the new "Environmental Protection Law", the new "Air Pollution Prevention Law" and other relevant laws and regulations, the region opened a strict environmental law enforcement, for many illegal emissions do not pay attention to environmentally friendly production of Tao Wei enterprises, this laws and regulations It has become a kind of pressure, of course, this move for the long-term development of ceramic sanitary industry can be described as beneficial and harmless, to a certain extent, this move forcing the industry's progress and promote the healthy development of the industry.

Industry to open the environmental rectification model, as Tao Wei enterprises, in this pressure to be strong to live, only to carry this pressure, Tao Wei enterprises can achieve greater development.

Summary: Ceramic enterprises will reduce the emission standards of ceramic production enterprises to promote the standardization of emissions, for the development of the bathroom industry also played a certain warning role. China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association Secretary Lu Qin said about green issues, no matter how good your quality, brand ring, as long as their own environmental problems, will be cast aside by society and consumers. So hope that ceramics, sanitary enterprises can practice environmental protection together, do a good job on the production of standardization, so that the industry to achieve green sustainable development.