Full body porcelain export to Brazil

2018-08-06 09:40

We exported 10 containers of full body  porcelain tiles(glazed porcelain tiles) to Brazil 23 Aug 2016.This is a hospital project in Brazil that demand high quality anti-slip tiles.Our full body porcelain tiles is the best choice so we win the bid.This is the first ship of the order.Because of the anti-dumping of the Brazil,the polished porcelain tiles need to pay a high taxes.The glazed porcelain tiles are very popular for the Brazillian customer.
For our glazed porcelain anti-slip tiles:
★Full body porcelain tiles homogenous materials.
★Strong hardness(Breaking strength>2300N)
★Wear resistant.Abrasion resistance<150mm3
★More durable,More resistant to moisture.
★Suitable for  any application(ligh or heavy traffic).
★Chemical resistant,frost resistant.



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